Autopart Add-In for Bysoft7

Start importing hundreds of STEP files and assemblies into Bysoft7 in seconds. With our Autopart Add-In importing parts into Bysoft7 and getting them ready for production or quoting will become a breeze.

Annual Price
Perpetual Price

All plans include

  • Fully integrated into the Bysoft7 interface
  • Automated processing of assemblies
  • Automated cutting technology
  • Automated bending technology
  • Flat and Bend parts
  • Engraving and support
Single license
linked to one pc
800.- /year
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  • Parts
    unlimited files
  • 5x8 Support
    premium support
  • Product Updates
    always upto date
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Network license
one concurrent user
1360.- /year
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  • Floating license
    one concurrent user
  • Parts
    unlimited files
  • 5x8 Support
    premium support
  • Product Updates
    always upto date

Automatic file import

SmartPart believes in a fully automated process that allows manual intervention if required. Flatten multiple sheet metal parts automatically and get instant feedback on the progress and result.

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Assemblies as first-class citizens

Sheet metal orders often contain many different parts. Importing assemblies allows for automatic exploding, part recognition and unfolding. An added benefit is that the quantities can be filled in automatically so no need for separate excel sheets.

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Why choose SmartPart's Autopart Add-In?

The Autopart Add-In simply increases your current throughput while fully integrated into the software you already use. Achieve the benefits of automation without the price tag of a long and cumbersome IT project.

Performance optimized

We focus on sheet metal and we do it well. Analysing and unfolding parts unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Editable output

Maintain full control at every step. Every part of the output can be manually edited if a part requires special attention.

Flexible Licensing

Whether you want to pay only once with our perpetual license or have a low cost of entry with our annual subscriptions.

Autopart Specifications

Compare the various ways to import files into Bysoft7. Until now import 3D models in automated fashion was not possible unless using a full license of Designer and perfectly preprocess models as an input. Now using the SmartPart Add-In there is a low-cost solution with state of the art unfolding algorithms that support nearly every STEP file has input be it a single part, multibody or assembly. Furthermore, using the SmartPart Autopart Add-In you will enjoy the unparalleled performance and robustness you have come to know from SmartPart. Start seeing results in seconds not minutes.

Manual Import
Designer Autopart
SmartPart Autopart
2D file import
3D file import
Import designer/solidworks parts Currenly only STP/STEP supported
Import multiple parts
Import multibody parts
Import assemblies
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions just send get in touch or book a demo. Some of the questions we get often:

What file types do you accept?
  • At the moment or on-premise solutions accept STEP and STP files (versions AP203, AP214 and AP242) these can be exported by any CAD package. Our hosted solution can also process 2D files in the .DXF format. On request, we have partners that can supply additional software to convert native file formats to STEP files.

What is the difference between Autopart and Batch unfolder?
  • Our Autopart plug-in is fully integrated into Bysoft and allows you to use our state-of-the-art unfolding algorithms straight from the Bysoft7 interface.

    Batch Unfolder, on the other hand, is a fully stand-alone solution that allows one to automate your internal work preparation processes. Furthermore, we also add a variety of shortcuts to your Windows system so you have the full power of SmartPart just one-click away at all times.

What type of support do you offer?
  • With our on-premise solutions, we offer a maintenance package that will give full access to bug fixes and updates as they come out as well as full 8x5 support.

    Our hosted solutions are fully hosted and managed by us. This means we take care of everything required to keep your system up and running day and night.

Our Statistics

Although many CAD/CAM packages claim to have unfolding solutions they often require a lot of manual steps. At SmartPart we pride ourselves at the performance and extend of our automation. The most important factors herein are the pass rate and speed.

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We pride ourselves by our high pass rate. SmartPart handles more than 90% of part fully automated this means no manual steps are required for production.

The average processing time takes less than 3 seconds per part. This turns the most time-consuming part of sheet metal processing into a nearly instant process.